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When an Unreliable POS Impacts Your Staff, it Impacts Your Restaurant

Posted by Kate Maier on 6/30/17 12:23 PM

On the operational level, living with a poorly functioning or partly broken POS is very frustrating for staff, and has a big impact on employee morale. For owners and investors, it’s more than ...

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The Right Kind of Cloud for Restaurant POS Success

Posted by Kate Maier on 11/7/16 10:33 AM

When a blanket term like "cloud POS" is used to describe so many products, as a restaurateur, it's really important to understand the different flavors available. As a POS sales consultant with Cervion ...

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80% of Mastercard Credit Cards now have EMV chips – Are you accepting EMV yet?

Posted by Cervion Systems on 8/11/16 11:53 AM

More Chip Cards in Circulation Means More Opportunity for Restaurant Owners to Incur EMV Chargebacks

Since the EMV “liability shift” occurred in October of 2015, the sky didn’t fall, but money is ...

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Special Announcement:Cervion has Deployed EMV at Multiple Restaurants with Great Results!

Posted by Cervion Systems on 6/29/16 3:43 PM

Cervion Systems has successfully deployed integrated EMV chip-card processing at a number of customer locations, and our MobileBytes cloud POS customers utilizing this new technology have experienced great results! ...

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7 Ways the CLOUD Makes Perfect Sense for Restaurants

Posted by Kate Maier on 12/16/15 11:12 AM

Rapid advancements in POS technology have proved to us that cloud based systems like MobileBytes are the future of restaurant point of sale - and the future is now. If you haven't yet given serious thought to replacing ...

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10 Things You Already Know About MobileBytes iPad POS, Thanks to Your iPhone

Posted by Louis Aurrichio on 11/9/15 5:57 PM

What if your staff took to your POS the way they take to their iPhones? With MobileBytes iPad POS for restaurants, training your millennial generation restaurant staff is easy. ...

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Cervion POS as a Service: a Different Kind of Partner

Posted by Hunter Allen on 10/12/15 11:36 AM

 As a prospective customer, what kind of partnership sounds better?  One where the POS company has sold you the system upfront and made most of their money already, or the company that is truly ...

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What Does the October 2015 EMV Deadline Mean for My Restaurant? 

Posted by Cervion Systems on 9/10/15 5:59 PM

The October 2015 EMV deadline will not have a significant impact on most small restaurant operations, but there is a lot of misinformation out there.

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