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Cervion POS as a Service: a Different Kind of Partner

Posted by Hunter Allen on 10/12/15 11:36 AM

 As a prospective customer, what kind of partnership sounds better?  One where the POS company has sold you the system upfront and made most of their money already, or the company that is truly invested in a long term relationship?

With the Cervion As A Service subscription model, we offer a different type of relationship than most other point of sale companies. We believe in making investments in our customers’  businesses built around a long term relationship, in which our mutual interests are closely aligned. We believe this is the basis for a much different kind of ‘partner’.

Many POS companies use the term ‘partner’ in their marketing messages, so much so that in our ownPartnership communications, I hesitate to echo it -the meaning has been diluted by so much marketing spin.  In the true spirit of the pure definition of partnership, consider Cervion’s Point of Sale as a Service.

Our As A Service program enables a restaurant to install and gain the benefits of a state of the art POS system for a small installation fee and a monthly service fee. When a restaurant signs up for our program, Cervion incurs the financial expenses to acquire all of the POS hardware, and all of the labor to prep, program, train & deliver the system. When we install the system at the customer’s location, we are investing these costs directly into the customer’s business. We make this investment, based on the return on investment of a long term relationship with our customer.  

This means that the interests of our company and our customer are very closely aligned. We want our customers to achieve success - in fact, it’s paramount to the success of our own business model.

With the Cervion As A Service program, we tell our customers upfront what their subscription costs are for three full years. By setting the service fees in advance, it enables Cervion to focus on delivering the highest quality, most reliable systems possible. When we can avoid repairs, it is good for us, and good for our customer.

Consider a POS company that sold a customer a point of sale system and it is now the third year that the customer is using the system. What are the strategic goals of that company?

In the traditional model of POS sales and service, the POS company sells a system which gradually deteriorates over time, with the expectation that the customer will spend money repairing and eventually replacing a system that has aged beyond its ability to support the customer’s business effectively.

When Cervion sells an As a Service system, our fixed costs allow us to deliver the highest quality, most reliable systems and services for the duration of our long term relationship.

At the end of the day, which model best supports the interests of the customer? What sort of partnership is your business looking to have?

Hunter Allen

Hunter Allen

Hunter Allen is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Cervion Systems.


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