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The Right Kind of Cloud for Restaurant POS Success

Posted by Kate Maier on 11/7/16 10:33 AM

When a blanket term like "cloud POS" is used to describe so many products, as a restaurateur, it's really important to understand the different flavors available. As a POS sales consultant with Cervion Systems, I spend a lot of time explaining the differences between early stage cloud systems and the much more reliable Hybrid Cloud architecture utilized by the MobileBytes iPad Point of Sale System. 




The truth of the matter is, POS systems built on the early-stage cloud architecture require an internet connection at all times, which creates some significant and meaningful limitations. But... and this is a very important BUT, here - Hybrid Cloud POS Systems are the next generation of cloud technology and overcome those limitiations. It's amazing how this distinction, that one little "hybrid" adjective, can make a major difference for your business, and to your perception of cloud technology as a whole. 

If you're shopping for a POS system today, always ask your salesperson what features and functions are dependent on an internet connection - and ask them to elaborate. Cervion's POS sales staff is well versed in how to leverage the benefits of Cloud for your business without creating unnecessary risk. 

But in case you're not a tech geek like us, the takeway is simple: Pure Cloud POS Systems require an internet connection for the most basic of tasks, such as printing order tickets on the kitchen printer. With these systems, a loss of internet connectivity means your ability to operate your business is significantly impacted. 

Cloud Hybid POS Systems, like MobileBytes, are designed to keep your business running, even when the internet isn't. A hybird system is just as it sounds - a marriage of two technologies. We've taken the best of what we know from the systems perfected in the past, and made them even better by adding the innovation of the future. 

Kate Maier

Kate Maier

Working out of Cervion's New York office, Kate Maier offers a consultative approach to cloud POS sales with more than 15 years of restaurant industry experience.


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