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When an Unreliable POS Impacts Your Staff, it Impacts Your Restaurant

Posted by Kate Maier on 6/30/17 12:23 PM


On the operational level, living with a poorly functioning or partly broken POS is very frustrating for staff, and has a big impact on employee morale. For owners and investors, it’s more than frustrating – restaurants with inadequate POS systems are literally losing money. Over time, this net loss of profits can far exceed the cost of a system replacement.

When a POS component is not working or a system needs to be rebooted, even the most calm, cool and collected of service staff will shift their attention from your customers and moves to crisis mode. With a less than perfect point of sale, how much time is your service staff invested in putting band aids on problems?


Don't Forget: Getting more food and drinks on checks, and providing excellent, memorable service is why your service team is there.


With a frantic staff and broken POS, it’s an unfortunate reality that the service can be memorable, but not in the right way. Yet while most restaurant owners understand that it is in the best interests of the business to resolve these problems, spending money is still painful.

Here's the flip side of the coin. Installing your new MobileBytes iPad Point of Sale system will be a night and day difference for your staff, and definitively change the environment at your restaurant for the better. Once that stress is lifted and your service team is able to focus on doing their jobs, and doing them well, you’re going to see higher check averages and happier customers.

This of course transfers to higher tips. It's worth noting that many MobileBytes users that utilize iPad minis for tableside ordering see a big uptick in tip averages because the system empowers servers to do their jobs more efficiently, sell more, and move tables along faster.

It's just one of many unforeseen benefits that new Cervion Systems customers who have made a POS change are prone to realize after the fact. With your poor functioning, band-aid POS solution, what do your staff turnover rates look like? Seasoned, professional front of house staff want to work in the type of environment where they know they'll make money, and keep the inevitable stress of the job to a minimum. After installing your new MobileBytes point of sale, don't be surprised to see employee attrition rates drop.


For a typical restaurant, our MobileBytes iPad Point of Sale system is less expensive per day than a single bartender's shift pay - it's a more than accessible investment with rewards that far outweigh the perceived "pain" of the expense.

Yet restaurant owners still struggle to part with their dollars, looking for cheap and easy POS fixes that can set off a disastrous chain of unforeseen effects: from unhappy staff to unhappy customers, with a significant negative impact on profit margins.

It doesn't have to be this way. Smart restaurant owners know that spending money is an absolute necessity to make money. In a restaurant, there are some places you can cut corners - but point of sale should not be one.

Are you ready to eliminate your POS pain and change the environment at your restaurant? We think it's high time you took that first step.

We'll set you up with a local POS expert to walk through your restaurant and help you turn things around. Why wait any longer? Contact us today!




Kate Maier

Kate Maier

Working out of Cervion's New York office, Kate Maier offers a consultative approach to cloud POS sales with more than 15 years of restaurant industry experience.


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