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POS as a Service

The Cervion difference.

We're a long-term partner in your success.

Our unique and sustainable business model allows us to provide comprehensive support services with inclusive hardware and software upgrades. With POS as a Service, we take care of your computer system - hardware, software, setup, and POS support - so you can focus on taking care of your customers. 

Our customer support and project management teams have a wealth of experience in the industry and the necessary skills to position you and your business for success. After your POS system is installed, we stick with you, offering marketing solutions, loyalty programs, and the support needed to take your business to the next level. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the benefit of the POS as a Service Plan?

    The POS As A Service Plan significantly reduces the initial costs involved in obtaining a POS System and allows a restaurateur to create a budget with a pre-determined line item to cover the POS expense. The traditional model of acquiring a POS System requires a significant initial capital investment to purchase the system, and then ongoing maintenance and upgrade expenses, and ultimately the system will become outdated and require another significant capital expense to upgrade or replace.

  • What is included in the installation fee?

    The installation fee includes all of the labor involved in the installation of your system, including Hardware Load, Prep & Test, Database Programming, System Delivery & Installation, and an Advanced Training Package.

  • What is included in the monthly fee?

    The monthly fee includes use of the POS Hardware, use of the POS Software, all Software Upgrades, and TotalCare Support.

  • What is included with TotalCare Support?

    Our TotalCare Support program provides complete worry free technical support for your POS System. TotalCare includes phone based help desk and remote assistance service, 24x7 emergency help desk service, and next-business day on-site service for hardware related issues. In addition, POS As A Service Plan customers receive hardware exchange services at no additional cost.

  • How does POS as a Service differ from Commercial Leasing?

    A Commercial Lease involves a third party financing company whose only focus is on making money on the financial transaction. Commercial Leasing typically requires a difficult credit approval process and very inflexible terms, including long term Personal Guarantees. The POS As A Service plan focuses on providing a service to our customers.

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