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Restaurant Technology Solutions

Since 1996


Cervion Systems is one of the largest and most reputable restaurant Point of Sale vendors in the United States.


Operating from offices outside of New York City, Arizona, Philadelphia and Southern Florida, we serve restaurant and retail businesses with comprehensive technology solutions and support services.

More than 20 years ago our company president and founder, Hunter Allen, sought to apply his passion for intricate problem solving and systems management in one of the most dynamic and challenging environments the business world has to offer: the restaurant industry.

After working through college as a waiter and later as a high volume restaurant operations manager, he spent a year as a project manager for a regional POS dealer before launching his own company, where his first projects included large scale POS deployments at The Atlanta Olympics and US Open. 

In the years since, Cervion has continued to offer a range of restaurant and retail point of sale products and complimentary services.  By 2008, we had adopted the POS As a Service business solution, with long-term support services included under a fixed and easy to budget payment model designed to help our restaurant customers maximize their return on investment. In 2008, we also changed our name from POS2GO to Cervion Systems, reflecting the inclusion of more than just POS in our expanding lineup of product offerings. 

With an expanding team of project managers, marketing and sales consultants, and support technicians, we continue to look for employees with the problem solving skills and hands-on restaurant experience that served as the foundation of this company nearly two decades ago. 

Today, Cervion is proud to represent Heartland Restaurant, a dynamic Cloud POS solution with an innovative feature set designed to streamline operations, reach new customers, and drive profitability. One thing has stayed consistent - our commitment to the continued success of our customers. 

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