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A point of sale system is the foundation of any restaurant; it’s the main piece of technology that keeps restaurants operational. It’s easy for restauranteurs to focus on front-end functionality, features, and cost, but we are here to tell you that reviewing reports frequently and understanding the data might be the most important thing you can do. 

With cloud-based reporting, restaurant owners and operators have access to data anywhere, anytime, on any internet-connected device. So put on that pot of coffee, sit down with your device anywhere you are, and dive deep into your data. 

Reporting turns data into information and information allows decisions to be made. If you are not paying attention – you can be wasting money and even losing customers. 


Make the Most of Your Menu 

Menu sales reports provide insight into the performance of your menu. With visibility into how each item and category is performing, make informed decisions on what items stay on the menu, what should be removed, and if any items would be better as specials. These decisions help enhance your menus for the greatest profitability. 

Optimize Staff Schedule 

Understanding staff performance and your busiest and slowest days and hours help avoid under/overstaffing. Scheduling top performers during peak hours will bring in the most revenue. Being properly staffed helps improve customer service and by creating efficient employee schedules, you’ll be able to reduce those labor costs. 

Sidenote: When facing labor shortages, technology like handheld tablets allows restaurants to operate more efficiently and increase customer satisfaction! 

Monitor Voids and Discounts 

Voids and discounts may not seem like a big deal independently, but overall, can really cut into your profits. Understanding the “why” can give valuable insight into possible issues happening behind the scenes, like an employee that might need more training to avoid these costly errors or something more serious like employee theft.

Increase Repeat Business 

Customer Loyalty Programs give insight into customer purchasing and visiting behaviors. This data can be used to make menu suggestions and provide special offers and discounts, making every customer feel like a VIP. 

Understanding your reports and taking action can not only save you money but also helps your restaurant grow. It’s important to access your data in real time so you can make necessary adjustments for your long-term success. Reporting provides better insight into your business, 24/7/365. 

Cervion Systems is a Point of Sale provider with offices in Arizona, New York, Pennsylvania and South Florida. Founded in 1996, with over 20 years of professional POS service experience, Cervion is the leading VAR (value added reseller) offering restaurant Point of Sale. Cervion provides restaurants and bars with local sales and service, modern Apple iPad point of sale systems and affordable programs for new and existing restaurants. Please contact Cervion Systems at 877.476.7246 or sales@cervion.com

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