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We understand that there are many different solutions out there for your point of sale (POS) needs. Doing all that research can be extremely time consuming and with all the options, navigating systems and requirements is difficult. Don’t waste time trying to find a solution your business fits into, but learn how a value-added reseller (VAR) can help find the right solution for your business.

What is a value-added reseller (VAR)?

A VAR is a local company that uses existing POS software, includes features, products like hardware and professional services, offering an all-inclusive solution to an end user. 

So, what are the benefits?

1. Expertise / Experience

VARs bring a special expertise and background successfully installing technology in local restaurants. With years of experience with supporting live restaurants, a VAR has already done extensive research comparing different solutions and understands the best of what each solution has to offer. VAR’s also understand best practices for POS implementation and are current on the latest industry trends. With all of that to consider, a VAR is the best solution for customers looking for high-quality local service and solutions.

This helps save restaurants time and money because a VAR has already done all the leg work. A VAR works with their customers to truly understand their business. Since a VAR is vendor agnostic, they are able offer the best solution that fits the customer needs, not try to sell one solution that might not be the best fit.

2. All-Inclusive Solutions

A VAR packages software, hardware and professional services together to create a valuable solution for businesses. This saves time on research and shows a strong alignment with the needs of the business. Direct to market software developers typical struggle with balancing the needs of the company and investors (typically venture capital), over the needs of the customer. In many instances, venture backed software companies also have very high termination fees and proprietary credit card processing services. 

For POS system needs, a VAR does much more than sell software and hardware. VARS also provide professional services like installation, training and local support that businesses need when issues arise. Successful VARs go above and beyond for their clients and offer 24 / 7 emergency support. Based on customer needs, a VAR also offers add-on services such as: paper supply, marketing services, software integrations, and online ordering. It’s a value add to have a single provider to provide personalized solutions.

3. Hardware Installation / Replacement and Software Updates

Most traditional break-fix providers offer the hardware and installation with software, but it often ends there. A modern VAR will not only install the point of sale for you, they will also replace hardware when necessary, hardware replacement is included with a standard POS As A Service plan. You do not need to worry about having additional expenses or surprise invoices if a terminal or printer fails.

In the age of constant updates and enhancements, a customer who doesn’t use a VAR may encounter a problem and wait for customer support to assist and resolve the issue. These issues can quickly be taken care when a customer uses a VAR because if a customer calls with an issue, a VAR will be able to assist with the update and resolve the issue.

4. Top Tier Customer Support: Includes Local On-Site Training & Support

The community is the main focus of a value-added reseller. A VAR can be on-site for training purposes, Cervion Systems even offers a training POS terminal for staff to practice on before the installation. On-site training sessions can be so much more beneficial for customers over a live or pre-recorded webinar. Customers are also able to ask questions and have them answered in real-time.

Local support can be a lifesaver for any business. Not only can a local VAR ship replacement hardware, but they can also show up on-site quickly, which reduces business down time and the potential for lost revenue. Since most restaurants operate outside of the typical Monday - Friday, 9 to 5 hours, a successful VAR also offers in-house 24/7 emergency support with their own local staff instead of outsourcing to an offshore call center. With a VAR, a customer can speak with a local support professional knowledgeable and familiar with their business. Restaurants appreciate the ability to receive help quickly instead of long hold times and the frustrations of call centers. 

5. The Customer Saves Time & Money

One of the biggest ways a VAR can help a customer save time is by providing preliminary setup services such as menu programming, dining room layouts, and employee permissions. The customer does not have to waste hours of their time on data entry. 

When a customer chooses a VAR and they offer an As A Service all-inclusive solution, there are multiple ways to save money. Turning to one resource for multiple affordable solutions, saves you the time and money. Cervion Systems, a local VAR, offers a premium program including supplies such as paper and ribbons and an online ordering system. So, if you are looking to save time, money and focus more on your business operations, using a VAR can definitely help! Have some peace of mind that you are in expert hands. 

Cervion Systems is a Point of Sale provider with offices in New York, Pennsylvania, and South Florida. Founded in 1996, with over 20 years of professional POS service experience, Cervion is the leading value-added reseller (VAR) offering restaurant Point of Sale (POS) systems. Cervion provides restaurants and bars with local sales and service, modern Apple iPad point of sale systems and affordable programs for new and existing restaurants. Please contact Cervion Systems at (877) 476-7246 or sales@cervion.com.

Cervion Systems

Written by Cervion Systems

We're a partner in the success of your business. Cervion Systems provides restaurant technology solutions that help your business increase profits and improve your success. Cervion offers a full range of technology products and support services, from point-of-sale systems to integrated merchant processing solutions. We allow you and your employees to concentrate on the day-to-day operations, while we handle your technology systems. Our award-winning staff has helped our customers succeed for nearly 20 years!

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