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Not all restaurant point of sale solutions can handle the needs of multiple restaurant operations, especially when running a franchise chain or restaurant group. A properly developed point of sale system supports most restaurant business models and provides restaurant owners with the tools needed for success, growth, and scalability.

There are specific stresses that comes with operating multiple restaurant locations, and your point of sale system should not be one of them. In addition to modern features such as online ordering, tableside ordering and pay at the table; consider these important built-in key features to help manage restaurant locations without adding time to your day.

1. Menu Management

Add or edit standard menu items or specials and instantly update menus across all or specific
restaurant location. Also applicable to online ordering menus!

2. Gift Card Purchasing and Use

Ability for customers to purchase a physical or digital gift card at one location and redeem,
reload or inquire balances at any one of your other locations.

3. Back office Users and Permissions

Create many backend users all logged in at a time, and set up permissions to all backend users. Directors of Operations and General Managers can easily manage restaurant staff, reporting, integrations from one login.

4. Back office Reporting

Access reporting from anywhere on any device with an internet connection. View restaurant reporting data from all locations with the ability to drill down revenue and sales data, tax, staff, and guest information down to the ticket level for each location.

5. Payroll

Track and manage employee hours, credit card tips, and cash tips from all locations from one
login. Integrates with scheduling tools and payroll platforms.

6. Accounting

Avoid double data entry and missing important financial information and integrate with your
favorite accounting systems, such as Quickbooks, RASI, Restaurant365, Compeat, and more!

7. Local Support

Cervion provides local support for regional chains and independely owned restaurant groups. We are a partner in the success of single location and multi-location restaurants.

The right point of sale solution saves time, streamlines operations, increases profits and improves the guest experience which all paves the way for growth and expansion. You might already have a few
locations or still working towards your goal. Even if you only have one location now, setting yourself up with the right technology now, can make growing a lot easier in the future.

Cervion Systems is a Point of Sale provider with offices in Arizona, New York, Pennsylvania and South Florida. Founded in 1996, with over 20 years of professional POS service experience, Cervion is the leading VAR (value added reseller) offering restaurant Point of Sale. Cervion provides restaurants and bars with local sales and service, modern Apple iPad point of sale systems and affordable programs for new and existing restaurants. Please contact Cervion Systems at 877.476.7246 or sales@cervion.com


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Written by Cervion Systems

We're a partner in the success of your business. Cervion Systems provides restaurant technology solutions that help your business increase profits and improve your success. Cervion offers a full range of technology products and support services, from point-of-sale systems to integrated merchant processing solutions. We allow you and your employees to concentrate on the day-to-day operations, while we handle your technology systems. Our award-winning staff has helped our customers succeed for nearly 20 years!

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