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Restaurant owners and managers can now streamline operations and increase efficiency with a business-class phone solution. By switching to a hosted VoIP phone solution, business owners are not only reducing costs, they are saving time and improving guest experience.

What is a Hosted VoIP Phone Solution?

A Hosted VoIP phone solution works just like a regular phone, except it runs through an internet connection instead of through a traditional local carrier.

Reducing Telecommunication Costs

By installing a hosted VoIP phone solution, a restaurant owner can reduce telecommunication costs in comparison to using a traditional phone carrier since it only requires an internet connection. Restaurant owners will not incur additional fees for phone lines or additional features that traditional phone carriers charge for. Most features for a hosted VoIP system are included without an additional cost.

Save Time and Improve Guest Experience

Yes, it’s possible to save time for both employees and customers at the same time, in turn improving the customer experience and freeing up employee time for other responsibilities. Let’s review some features can help.

Menu Prompts

Gone are the days when every phone in your restaurant rings and the first available employee picks up a call, only to put a customer on hold to get them to the correct person or an answer. With the ability to set up menu prompts, customers can select the option that matches the reason for the call. For example, press 2 to make a reservation, 3 to book a private party or 4 to place a takeout order. Each call is routed to the correct phone(s) and employee in order to take care of the customer quickly and efficiently. 

Voicemail Alerts

When a voicemail is received, push notifications can be sent to a specific person either via text or email with a transcription of the voicemail. Now important calls can now be addressed in a timely manner. 

Caller ID Integration with iPad POS System

Taking phone orders is easier when Caller ID is integrated with your iPad Restaurant point of sale. Not only does it save time, the ordering process is smooth with less opportunity for mistakes. When a guest calls to place a take out or a delivery order and has ordered in the past, their contact information will come up on the POS System, including First & Last Name, Phone Number, Address and even order history. Employees can confirm the contact information is accurate and process the order.

Stream Operation and Increase Efficiency


Reporting might be a less obvious feature benefit, however an important one. Restaurateurs can now put procedures in place to streamline operations and increase efficiency. With access to reporting features, restaurant owners and managers can view reports for peak calling hours broken down by category. For example, how many calls came in to make reservations, inquire about a private party or to order takeout and delivery. With this information restaurateurs can make staffing and schedule decisions accordingly.

Flexible Hardware

A hosted VoIP phone solution has flexible hardware options with HD voice quality. Choose standard or advanced phones or even cordless phones that can easily be brought to specific stations or an outside area. Additionally, if there are specific employees where it is easier to receive and make calls primarily from their mobile phones, that can be set up as well using a mobile app. 

Business-class phone systems by Cervion easily integrate into your operations, reducing expenses and adding key features to grow your business. For more information or to see if a professional phone solution is right for your business, schedule time to speak with one of our team members by emailing us at sales@cervion.com, calling 877.476.7246, or clicking on the link below.





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