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Self-Service Kiosks are continuing to increase in popularity and no, you don’t need to be a large national chain to take advantage of the benefits kiosks have to offer. For diners that prefer take out or want to limit contact with employees while eating in, kiosks can help restaurants be successful, stay compliant, control social distancing and can be set up in strategic locations like counter tops, wall units or freestanding units.


Increase Check Averages & Revenue

As guests move through the buying process, the use of upsell prompts is an important tool to increase check averages. Prompts, like upgrading a meal, adding a side, a drink or a dessert is automatically part of the buying process; encouraging guests to add items to their order when they might not have added these items originally. Orders are sent directly to the kitchen printers or video displays, guest wait time is reduced and the restaurant can service more guests, increasing overall revenue.

Manage Labor Costs

Easy to use kiosks allow restaurants the ability to manage their labor costs. During peak times, restaurant owners can reallocate their employees into positions that are more effective with helping the restaurant run more efficiently and help enhance the guest experience. While kiosks are not meant to completely replace labor, during specific times a restaurant might not need to schedule as many employees during a shift, resulting in the ability to reduce overall labor costs.

Enhance Guest Experience

Self-service kiosks are easy to use, and guests control their own buying process, from placing orders to making payments. When guests take responsibility for managing their orders, there is better accuracy, eliminating miscommunication between guests and employees. Shorter lines and faster service also increase guest satisfaction.

Tips for Successful Implementation

Menu Planning

Menu planning for a kiosk might seem like daunting task, but with modern POS applications by Cervion Systems, customers can easily activate kiosk features from the existing POS menu, without having to rebuild a separate menu for the kiosk. Make sure to review the buying process and available modifiers for each item to keep it easy to use for guests. Menu planning is a collaborative project and we work side by side with our customers to create an enhanced guest experience.

Menu Images

People tend to make purchases with their eyes, so it’s important have great food images! Either take your own photos or have professional photos taken of your dishes. You can easily upload them to your menu and so guests can see what they are purchasing. An additional benefit is that in most cases these images can be synced with your database and used with other point of sale features like online ordering and a static digital menu.

Electric Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated

Self-service kiosks do not require a complex electrical setup, a typical configuration requires only two standard electrical outlets; one for the Apple iPad and other for the EMV terminal. Since most kiosk configurations do not use a printer a third outlet is optional. Surge protection is recommended through a battery backup or line conditioner to protect the equipment.

Network Connections

For indoor setups, best practice is to have kiosks hardwired with an ethernet connection. Each Apple iPad kiosk and EMV terminal should have a dedicated CAT 5/6 connection each. If there is only one line available, a desktop switch can be provided to provide additional connections. For outdoor kiosk applications, advanced wireless networking is required, such as commercial grade access points.

As self-service kiosk continues to increase in popularity and guests are becoming more comfortable using kiosks at their favorite local spots, this trend is not going to disappear anytime soon. A Self-service kiosk is another piece of technology a restaurant can implement to help stay successful, especially during these challenging times.

For more information to see if self-service kiosks are right for your business, schedule time to speak with one of our trusted experts by emailing us at sales@cervion.com, calling 877.476.7246, or clicking on the link below.




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