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We understand that 2020 has presented some unique challenges to the restaurant industry, which is why it is more important than ever to ensure that you have the correct restaurant technology in place, for a successful 2021.

1. iPad Point of Sale Terminals

Although iPad POS terminals have been around for a while now, they are still becoming increasingly popular over a clunky windows-based POS systems and electronic cash drawers. Tablet-based POS systems are aesthetically pleasing, have a sleek, modern look and do not take up as much space, creating more counter space. They are typically easier to use and train new employees, with more user-intuitive workflows vs your traditional more complex workflow. They also offer flexibility for mobility with Tableside Ordering. 

For more information on upgrading your system, click here.

2. Online Ordering

Online Ordering is especially important now more than ever. Restaurants who set up online ordering are continuing to see growth in revenue. Online Ordering by Cervion are free of 3rd party fees and commissions, integrated with your POS system and can be easily added to your website. It’s easy for guests to view your menu and place their orders without overloading your phones and staff.

For more information on Online Ordering, click here.

3. Contactless Payments / Pay at the Table

Contactless Payments and Pay at the Table options are becoming a more popular feature now that customers are looking for to dine out safely. Whether you’re using Scan to Pay, a mobile ordering app, or Online Ordering at the table, guests feel more comfortable processing their order themselves, not having their credit card leave their sight or be touched by other people.

For more information on Contactless Payments, click here.
For more information on Scan to Pay at the Table, click here.

4. Tableside Ordering

Save time, turn tables quicker and increase check averages with the use of iPad minis for Tableside Ordering. Servers can make suggestions with high resolution menu images and take guest orders in real time while still at the table with their guests. The order is entered immediately and goes directly to the kitchen or bar, saving time for the server without having to go to a stationary POS terminal and input the order. Servers move right along to their next table and the guests’ wait-time for their food and drink is less. Another notable benefit is the ability for servers to use the same device throughout their entire shift, limiting exposure of having to touch a terminal that everyone is constantly touching. 

For more information on Tableside Ordering, click here.

5. Self Service Kiosks

A Self Service Kiosk is a customer facing interface option that enables guests to place their own orders from start to finish, including payment. An industry trend that is taking off due to the coronavirus pandemic, kiosks helps restaurants stay compliant by enabling restaurants to control social distancing for in person orders. With the use of up-sell prompts, restaurants are seeing an increase in check averages as well. Self Service Kiosks help restaurants manage their labor costs, being able to repurpose employees into roles that are more impactful for the business.

For more information on Self Service Kiosks, click here.

6. Business-class Phone Solution

Streamline operations and reduce telecommunications costs with a hosted VoIP phone solution. A hosted VoIP phone solution runs through an internet connection instead of through a traditional phone carrier. Restaurants can reduce costs by dropping their traditional phone carrier and transferring over to a VoIP solution with more features and no additional cost. With the Caller ID feature, you can integrate with your POS System – saving time when taking phone orders.

For more information on hosted VoIP Phone Solution, click here.

7. Cellular Backup

Internet has become so commonplace, that we all just expect it to work. But what happens when it doesn’t? There are a number of reasons for an internet outage, including a power outage, network failure, down lines or other carrier issues. An internet outage, especially in the middle of peak-times can be extremely stressful and results in loss of revenue. How will the point of sale communicate with the printers? What happens when guests can only pay by cash?  With a cellular backup, you can continue to run seamlessly, print to kitchen and bar and accept credit card payments with no interruptions.

For more information on how to prepare for an internet outage, click here.

When businesses utilize these restaurant technologies to make an all in one solution, restaurant operations run smoother, save time, and reduce overall costs; but they also enhance the guest experience. When customers are happy, not only do check averages increase, but so do server tips.

For more information to see if these technology solutions are right for your business, schedule time to speak with one of our trusted experts by emailing us at sales@cervion.com, calling 877.476.7246, or clicking on the link below.





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