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One of the largest expenses restaurants incur besides labor and food costs are credit card processing expenses, also known as merchant service fees. The implementation of Non-Cash Adjustment (NCA) programs and Cash Discounting is becoming the new normal and is widely accepted by restaurants and their customers. These programs help restaurant owners offset card acceptance expenses and can reinvest in their businesses. In many cases, restaurants qualify for a no-cost POS system

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What is a Non-Cash Adjustment (NCA) program?

A Non-Cash Adjustment program (NCA) is a cash discount built into listed prices and charging a percentage (which cannot exceed 4%) of the total check to customers who pay with credit or debit cards.

Why should restaurants choose an NCA program instead of a Surcharge Program or True Cash Discounting?

An NCA program applies a percentage (not exceeding 4%) of the total listed price to both credit and debit cards. When customers pay with cash the NCA fee is removed from the customer check. 

Surcharging is very similar to an NCA program in that it applies fees (not exceeding 4%) to the total listed price, however, surcharging fees are applied to credit cards only and listed on the receipt as “Surcharging Fees.” This excludes debit card purchases, and the restaurant will still be responsible for paying fees for processing debit cards.

True Cash Discount programs show credit prices, and the additional fees are built into the cost of acceptance. When a cash transaction is rung up, the receipt must show a discount being removed for customers paying with a cash payment type.

Many point of sale systems only supports surcharging, however, EdgeServ POS supports NCA programs; a major advantage to restaurants using a Cervion POS system. It’s easy for restaurant owners and general managers to implement at one or multi-unit operations with the ability to display a cash and credit card total on checks and receipts.

What if my customers get upset about additional fees?

Restaurants should be prepared to display signage (provided free by Cervion) and configure their point of sale receipts to display the proper NCA language so it’s not a surprise to patrons. As NCA and Cash Discounting programs become the credit card processing standard for independently owned and corporate restaurants, customers have become much more accepting of restaurants using these programs. Many patrons understand that restaurants have been managing labor shortages and rising food costs and cash discount-style programs may even give operators the ability to make payroll or hire staff. However, the non-cash adjustment program gives merchants the ability to waive and remove the Non-Cash-Adjustment line item in the event of a customer satisfaction issue or an exception.

What type of savings can I expect using an NCA program with my point of sale?

Restaurants located in New York, New Jersey, Arizona, and South Florida markets are saving $36,000* or more per year enrolled in an NCA program, plus additional benefits. In some cases, using an NCA program with EdgeServ POS, dealers like Cervion Systems can reduce or eliminate the cost of Apple iPads, peripherals, POS software, credit card equipment and gateways, and/or support services for the point of sale system.

* Based on an average full-service dine-in restaurant processing $125K per month in credit and debit cards

Are Non-Cash Adjustment programs legal?

Yes, there are rules and laws that allow businesses to legally share processing fees with customers if certain guidelines are met.

  • Fees cannot exceed 4% of the cost of the guest check
  • Signage is required at the entrance and near the POS terminals that explain the program
  • Cash price and non-cash adjustment price must be on the customer receipt

Our customers can be confident that Cervion and its staff are properly trained and knowledgeable to ensure the setup and configuration of a Non-Cash Adjustment (NCA) program.

How long do setup and implementation take?

Not long at all. Cervion provides the complete tool kit for setup and implementation within days of approval if you already have a Cervion POS system. We configure your system and provide training and resources to properly launch an NCA program in your restaurant. For new restaurants with an EdgeServ POS system not installed, expect a typical implementation period of 3-4 weeks, including time to build the menu, onsite training, and installation services. 

Do customers pay the fees on tips?

No, merchants are still responsible for the payment processing expenses for tips. Currently, there is no way in Edgeserv POS to add a fee for the tip amount. Edgeserv POS does support suggested tips and auto-gratuity. 

The NCA program gives restaurants money back in their pocket to reinvest and grow their business without worrying about expensive processing expenses. We have trusted advisors available to work with your restaurant and determine if our programs are a good fit. 


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