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Scan to pay is a feature built into Heartland Restaurant & MobileBytes point of sale systems and does not require any expensive software or hardware upgrades. This feature enables restaurant labor to operate at a very efficient level but also added benefits like offering a safe, contactless payment method.

Any restaurant running these POS solutions by Cervion Systems can enable a Scan to Pay ready QR code, automatically printed onto the guest receipt. When a guest is presented the check they open their camera on their Android or Apple iPhone and simply scan the barcode to complete a Contactless payment and tip.

Completing payments at the end of a meal can also be more efficient using a modern point of Sale. In many full service restaurants and bars a guest check is presented by a server and dropped off at the table. Restaurant staff retrieve the checkbook and walk over to the point of sale to complete the transaction and return to the table with copies of the Credit Card receipts.

Over 80% of the time, guests will choose to use a credit OR DEBIT card instead of cash.

If a credit card was used a staff member will return to the point of sale to record the credit card tip.

Through Scan to Pay, restaurant patrons now have direct access to the restaurant check from any smartphone. Guests can review the order, make a payment, and even tip directly on their phone. There is no longer the need to give away the credit card to staff. This reduces the risk of losing or misplacing the card or incorrectly processing the card on the wrong check. We all know that feeling when a server leaves the table with the credit card and the server gets preoccupied with running food or taking orders from a different table. To the guest, it feels like forever. Scan to Pay gives restaurants a powerful tool for guests to pay at their own pace, leaving customers satisfied.



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Scan to Pay also promotes a Contactless way to complete transactions. Restaurants are increasingly taking precautions like using single use paper menus, single serve salt and pepper packets, and paper lined plates, to reduce contact and promote restaurant safety. Little steps like these help reduce contact between staff and guests giving guests options to feel more comfortable going out to restaurants and bars. Pay At The Table options like Scan to Pay helps restaurants reduce contact and improve guest relations during the changes that are happening in the current restaurant environment (Summer, 2020).



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