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- Case Study -

How the Right POS Technology Transformed this Neighborhood Pizza Restaurant's Operations

By Upgrading to an All-inclusive Solution, this Neighborhood Pizza Place Improves their Guest Experience



Slyce, a family-owned and operated neighborhood "pizza joint" located in Ardsley, NY is a favorite among its locals. After growing up in their family's pizza restaurant which was opened in 1971, the Ciccone brothers opened Ardsley Pizza in 1991. In 2014, Ardsley Pizza was rebranded, and the restaurant was renovated. The result - Slyce. A GastroPizza concept offering artisan pizza, and a nice craft beer selection, alongside traditional old-world Italian dishes.

These guys know pizza! But what they needed was a good POS system to help them better manage the speed of walk-in and phone orders. In 2013 they implemented their first POS system with Cervion Systems. They went from traditional cash register and paper and pen to the most up-to-date system at the time, which served them well for quite a while. The system was easy to use and what they needed to manage their dine-in, takeout, and delivery business.



Slyce was succeeding and they started to offer customers rewards to encourage repeat business and improve the customer experience. The rewards offerings for walk-in and phone orders were showing to be successful, however, they began growing out of the existing POS system which required better customer management features. The Ciccone brothers reached out to Cervion Systems to provide an updated Point of Sale system to improve operations.



After some due diligence and even looking into other systems, they ultimately found that EdgeServ POS, provided by Cervion Systems best suited their needs. There was no other system that matched the features and functionality they were looking for. Cervion was able to provide a complete restaurant solution with Tableside Ordering, Online Ordering, Kitchen Display Systems and Customer Management.

Cervion’s Support Team was able to program and configure the specific features that Tony and Phil were looking for, without losing any information or customer data during the transition.

“They kind of tailored it to us. Cervion was able to download our customer database, get our rewards program on it. It was pretty much seamless. The transition was good, no information was lost, no customer data was lost. Everything worked out.”
 Tony Ciccone - Co-Owner, Slyce


By upgrading to EdgeServ POS with an all-inclusive solution including Tableside Ordering, Integrated Online Ordering, Kitchen Display Systems, and Customer Management; Slyce has improved their guest experience while increasing revenues and profits. The staff finds the system very easy to use, and typically new staff is well acquainted with it after only a few hours.

Tableside Ordering is saving the staff time, there is no writing down an order and then having to walk to a terminal to enter it – which they find to be duplicate efforts. The handheld units are brought to the table with the server and the orders are entered immediately right from the table to the kitchen. There are fewer mistakes – servers don’t forget to enter in orders and incorrect orders are less.

Integrated Online Ordering has been seamless – setup was simple, customers find it easy to navigate and place orders, and the kitchen receives the tickets without any issues.

One of their favorite features is that when a change (like pricing) is made in the system, it is updated globally, saving time, and reducing errors. Another favorite feature they rely on is the Reporting dashboard. With the detailed information available to them, they can make informed decisions for their business.

“Honestly, the service we get is really great, we are in such close proximity, we call you guys, you get right back to us, even the emergency numbers – sometimes the internet has a problem, its usually never, it’s not a system problem, it’s an internet problem or something else and you call the support number they get back to you right away. If you call during the day, someone is always answering the phone, always solving the problem right away. I mean, honestly it doesn’t happen that often to be honest with you.”

Tony Ciccone - Co-Owner, Slyce

As a busy neighborhood pizza place, they are happy knowing that their POS equipment can withstand the daily usage of running a busy restaurant without issues, and with confidence that if something were to happen that Cervion would be able to replace hardware and peripherals included in the As A Service plan.

By taking advantage of all the features that EdgeServ POS has to offer like Customer Management, Online Ordering, and Tableside Ordering; Slyce is set up for success now and in the future.


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