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3 min read

Streamline Operations Using a Business-Class Phone Solution

By Cervion Systems on October 6, 2020 at 7:30 AM

Restaurant owners and managers can now streamline operations and increase efficiency with a business-class phone solution. By switching to a hosted VoIP phone solution, business owners are not only reducing costs, they are saving time and improving guest experience.

Topics: Financial Success iPad POS Hardware & Software
3 min read

Boost Sales and Revenue with a Gift Card Program

By Cervion Systems on September 22, 2020 at 8:00 AM

Gift cards are among the top gifts given during the holiday season. Here at Cervion, we understand that it’s been a pretty tough year for the restaurant industry, fighting to survive the pandemic. As late fall and winter approaches, it is also holiday season, which is the most popular season for gift card purchases by your customers. With a gift card program that is integrated with your iPad point of sale system in place, it is another opportunity to increase sales and revenue.

Topics: Restaurant Marketing Financial Success iPad POS Hardware & Software
3 min read

Reduce Credit Card Processing Expenses with Non-Cash Payment Programs

By Cervion Systems on September 8, 2020 at 1:58 PM

The idea of restaurants implementing Non-Cash Payment Programs is not new, but it has left restaurant owners wondering if it would be the best decision based on potentially negative customer perception. Before thinking “absolutely not, I would not do that”, have a better look into what these programs are, what they offer and how it can help you reduce expenses.

Topics: EMV Financial Success iPad POS Hardware & Software
3 min read

5 Benefits of Using a Value-Added Reseller (VAR) for Your POS Needs

By Cervion Systems on August 25, 2020 at 6:00 AM

We understand that there are many different solutions out there for your point of sale (POS) needs. Doing all that research can be extremely time consuming and with all the options, navigating systems and requirements is difficult. Don’t waste time trying to find a solution your business fits into, but learn how a value-added reseller (VAR) can help find the right solution for your business.

Topics: Financial Success iPad POS Hardware & Software
3 min read

Save Time and Increase Productivity with EdgeServ Version 2020

By Cervion Systems on August 12, 2020 at 8:30 AM

EdgeServ POS (formerly known as Synetouch), released a completely redesigned restaurant point of sale solution – EdgeServ Version 2020 and we are so excited to offer this modern tablet POS solution to our local restaurant & bar community! 

Topics: iPad POS Hardware & Software EdgeServ POS
3 min read

The Many Benefits of Scan to Pay

By Cervion Systems on July 15, 2020 at 2:22 PM

Scan to pay is a feature built into Heartland Restaurant & MobileBytes point of sale systems and does not require any expensive software or hardware upgrades. This feature enables restaurant labor to operate at a very efficient level but also added benefits like offering a safe, contactless payment method.

Topics: Cloud POS iPad POS Credit Cards Hardware & Software
1 min read

4 Tips for Restaurants using Online Ordering

By Cervion Systems on May 14, 2020 at 4:42 PM

At Cervion, we support independent restaurants and bars. We have had the privilege of working with our customers to enable Online Ordering solutions, quickly and effectively, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Topics: Mobile Ordering Cloud POS iPad POS Hardware & Software
4 min read

Contactless Online Ordering Take Out and Delivery Options

By Kevin Love on May 8, 2020 at 7:00 AM

Contactless Delivery and Contactless Payments have quickly become the norm as restaurants rapidly adapt to a Covid-19 world. Contactless Delivery and Takeout online helps encourage safety while accepting payments from consumers. 

Topics: Mobile Ordering EMV Financial Success Cloud POS iPad POS Hardware & Software
2 min read

Understanding Contactless Payments

By Kevin Love on April 20, 2020 at 2:26 PM

Did you know Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Fitbit Pay and mobile applications now support contactless payments? Many restaurants are considering whether to enable these modern payments solutions to better understand the benefits and costs of enabling them.

Topics: Mobile Ordering EMV Cloud POS iPad POS Hardware & Software
2 min read

How to Clean and Sanitize Your Point of Sale System

By Cervion Systems on April 16, 2020 at 7:38 PM

While health and cleanliness of your restaurant has always been important, recent events have all of us reviewing policies and procedures. We've complied a list of best-practices for cleaning POS equipment.

Topics: Cloud POS iPad POS Hardware & Software
2 min read

Three Ways to Prepare Your Restaurant for Internet Outages

By Alejandro Swaby on February 27, 2020 at 10:16 AM

Have you experienced the pain of an internet outage on a busy night? Many restaurants have. The worst possible news a restaurant owner can hear is that the point of sale system cannot process credit cards. The dining room is full of patrons, and the bar has many tabs open... delivery and pickup phone orders come to a screeching halt. Internet outages can cost restaurants thousands of dollars per year.

Topics: Financial Success Cloud POS iPad POS Hardware & Software

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